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  • Free-to-play. No sign-up/subscription fees.
  • Fish using a simple to understand system that involves much patience, planning and perfection to reach the top.
  • Lure color and selection greatly affects fish biting.
  • Real weather conditions and season changes. If it's raining in a real location in the game, it will be raining in real life.
  • Improve your statistics in a RPG-style development system.
  • Real-time tournaments and daily goals to compete in. There is NEVER a lack of something to do.
  • Fish in a variety of locations around the globe - this is a true international experience. From the frozen norths of North America to the hot pacific Bali locations.
  • Available in 60+ Languages.
  • Partner fishing - bring a friend!
  • 70 different bodies of water from around the world to fish. This includes flyfishing, freshwater and saltwater locations.
  • 399 different species of fish including trout, carp, bass, sharks and TONS of other species from around the globe.
  • 824 different lures from many different lure manufacturers including Rapala, Storm and Blue Fox just to name a few.
  • 226 different players have enjoyed our game completely free in the last 30 days.

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